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Welcome to our historic home

Old Chapel is located on the outskirts of Clare in Suffolk, in the East of England. It is considered to be one of only a handful of chapels built especially for leper colonies in the Norman era. This one has been dated to around 1190. Though not professional historians ourselves, we are very proud to be the custodians of this incredible building. We have compiled a list of photographs and writings on Old Chapel here on this website as our contribution to furthering knowledge about leper chapels in England and as a dedication to one of the most ancient buildings in private ownership in the UK. We hope that if anyone can shed any further information on this and similar building or related subjects that you will get in touch with us. The photographs were kindly handed down to us by the previous owners, Dennis and Christine Keys. They in turn received them from the Mortons who rescued the Old Chapel from near ruin in the 1950s.

Several passers-by each year enquire as to whether the chapel is open, as it is marked up on various maps. To clarify, it is our private residence and much as we would love to welcome everyone at any time it is not always practical.