The timeline below puts the age of the Old Chapel into some context in terms of the rest of Clare, and charts its progression from a wayside chapel to the home it is today.

1066-1087: Clare Castle built

Clare Castle was built shortly after the Norman Conquest of 1066. Read more

1087: Name ‘Clare’ first appears

Clare is first mentioned in the Domesday Book. Read more

c. 1190: Old Chapel initially built

The construction of the Old Chapel can be dated fairly reliably to around 1190. Read more

1248 Clare Priory established

Clare Priory was built as a religious house in 1248. Read more

C13: Foundation of Clare Parish Church

Some of the work in the West tower of Clare Parish Church have been dated to the thirteenth century. Read more

1256: Mention in Walter’s Taxation

The Chapel was listed in the taxation of Walter Bishop of Norwich in 1256. Read more

1403: Chapel disused

Clare Court Rolls record chapel as in bad condition. Read more

1444: Granted to the Gild of John the Baptist

In 1444, the Old Chapel was gifted to the Gild of John the Baptist by Richard, Duke of York. Read more

1550: Dissolution

The Old Chapel first becomes a home. Read more

c. 1650: Used as a powder magazine?

Local tradition has it that the Old Chapel was used as a powder magazine during the English Civil War. Read more

1893: Old Chapel unoccupied

The proceedings of Suffolk Institute of Archaeology note that Old Chapel is no longer used as a cottage, and now dilapidated. Read more

1950: Old Chapel bought by A L & Vivien Morton

A L Morton was a noted Communist Party member and historian. Read more

1961: Grade II* listed as ‘Chapel Cottage’

The property was listed as ‘Chapel Cottage’ by Historic England in 1961. Read more

2016: Old Chapel bought by Dennis & Christine Keys

2020: Old Chapel bought by David & Rachel Musgrove